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About Our Virtual Job Fair

In Jobs in Deep, our main objective is to coordinate between candidates and employers while preserving the rights of both of them.

In order to achieve our objective, we are the first hiring website in Egypt and The Middle East that deliver the hiring process to your doorstep by transforming the traditional job fair into virtual, no need to go in a meeting place specially with the COVID-19 precautions. You could assist in this Job fair by using your mobile phone or laptop and by using your internet connections. Interviews, chatting and discussion will take a place online. Stay tuned for our next huge virtual job fair and don't hesitate to be a part of it, as an employer or a candidate.

Virtual job fair packages

Be a part of our virtual job fair to meet the candidates online. Choose the suitable package now!

5 Jobs

3,500.00 EGP
  • Job Fair Jobs : 3

10 Jobs

6,000.00 EGP
  • Job Fair Jobs : 10

20 Jobs

10,000.00 EGP
  • Job Fair Jobs : 20